Knapp Media Productions is owned by Shaun Knapp, and currently a one man show.

Shaun graduated with a BS degree in Digital Media from Utah Valley University in 2007.

Video editing, videography, photography, some word press and basic graphic design are those things here entertained for people to

Shaun Knapp is an artist who is never bored, ever anxious to learn and use all his spare time creating beauty. Digital media have been popular with him. He attended college for pure enjoyment in early years, taking those things that seemed enriching and of interest: board sailing, public speaking, sculpture, even a history class or two, amid some to be mentioned. Though his declared major right off was architectural cabinetmaking, he took plenty of classes from the art department and really surprised himself to find the creativity possibilities with computers. This introduction happened in the year 2000 with some community courses, prompting him to buy Flash and Dreamweaver to make and build websites and flash animation.

In school he went from architectural cabinetry as a major to digital media where he studied web design, 3D animation, sculpture. Further, he then by 2003 had found out about the new Multimedia degree (now Digital Media at UVU) and changed officially his major. Ironically, now the pendulum shall swing back the other way with some amazing furniture building on his mind and in his heart that entail fine wood carving and sculpting—and truly only millionaires or billionaires will be able to afford what he can envision, in materials alone.

An invitation one night to meet, Staci Staddler, author of “Aura Personalities,” to have a reading in a group setting has proven life-altering and deeply thrilling. In her classifications, he is first a Green-Amber, then secondarily Lavender aura personality type. The insights were stunning. They affirm that he is an artist of the highest devotion to perfection.


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