I Love Colorful Harmony in Portraiture

Ron-DominicIt was my privilege to accompany Ron on an evening in Salt Lake City in autumn as his selected photographer for a photo shoot, desiring to have head shots for his modeling career, to submit to agencies.

I wanted to point out the magnificent harmony’s in Color within this photograph.  In the background, we had red and green leaves, and with the colors in Ron’s mohawk, then his skin tone, green shirt, green eyes, and black hair, we see a rich and beautiful harmony in color.

It has been my privilege to have worked with Marilyn Starr Harris on some of her projects, including the layout and design of her recently published book “Unlocking Your Beauty Code.”  Her science of color delights me.  The women and men she does makeovers on and brings their colors into harmony, really are stunning.  Marilyn would certainly find this photo to be harmonious in terms of color.

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