New Orleans’ Own Opera Guy: Marshall Richards, Lyric Tenor

These are on a Youtube playlist, recordings taken via iphone from a frigid November 17, 2014, in New Orleans.

Despite a sucky iPhone camera that seems to have a lens fog issue, and wind blowing through the mic here and there even though it was pressed into the fleece arm sleeve of a jacket (the mic) on a very cold and windy day in New Orleans, this tenor just thrilled passers by who had any good sense of his amazing talent. His name is Marshall Richards, and he’ll be famous.

If I were a billionaire I’d have swept him up immediately for hire, as I also would have done to the french organists (students) playing in the Cathedral a few blocks away fresh from French conservatories in Paris. My soul thrilled at these magnificent musicians that day who enriched me deeply with their talent. I just wish I would have had my real camera gear and microphones in wind muffled protection to begin to do justice to the performances given.  My friend, a trained actor, had tears brought to his eyes with this time we spent listening (and recording).  Hearing the Italian language expressed in operatic strength and beauty really had an effect upon me, especially with this great voice and great face and personality.


New Orleans’ Own Opera Guy: Marshall Richards, Lyric Tenor — 2 Comments

  1. I, too, was present on this cold November day listening to this amazing performer! Despite the cold I would have stayed there all day if he kept singing! I hope he makes it big some day…He deserves it!

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